INTREPID Construction LLC is a Veteran owned and operated company founded in 2023, which exists to provide the Greater Fayetteville/Fort Bragg, NC area with exemplary customer service, value, and craftsmanship; in general carpentry, remodeling, home maintenance, and repairs within the residential construction industry. As a Veteran Owned Business, it is our desire to promote and support local Veteran causes and to project an image which honors our nation’s military and ideals. 

Mission: INTREPID Construction LLC provides unmatched customer service to the greater Fayetteville/Fort Bragg area in general carpentry, remodeling, home maintenance, and repair services through a relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to our core values of Integrity, Quality, and Commitment.

Vision: INTREPID Construction LLC becomes a Top Five provider of residential construction services within the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg market by fostering strong relationships with our customers, suppliers, local business leaders, and subcontractors. We build a strong and resolute team of professionals who share our selfless ideals of Integrity, Quality, and Commitment and grow with the company. We earn distinction within the industry and a stellar reputation by delivering on our promises to customers and through our undaunted courage to build on past successes to achieve organizational growth. By adhering to these ideals, we will have the intrepid resolve to meet any challenge.


Matthew P. Ristau is a local Fayetteville, NC resident, family man, and U.S. Army Veteran who has extensive experience in the construction industry and building trades. Matt worked in the residential construction industry for over 12 years and has experience in all phases of home remodeling and custom home building, where he developed his skills in carpentry and home improvement. In 2001, Matt joined the U.S. Army, which led to a 20-year career as a military officer and leader in a variety of operational roles, to include management of various construction and infrastructure projects. These experiences developed him personally and professionally and spurred a desire to someday build his own company.
Matt applies sound problem solving, critical thinking, and resourcefulness to all projects and understands the unique challenges of the construction industry. This is manifested in his structured and results driven leadership approach. He believes that communication and honesty with the customer is the hallmark of any successful business. Matt relies on his faith in Jesus Christ as a guidepost for running the business and as the foundation of his character.