Step 1

Visit our website and fill out our information card to provide initial information and details about the project or services you need.  This will provide us with the opportunity to access the characteristics of your project.

Step 2

Call or email the owner for an initial consultation over the phone.
Then we will set up an in person meeting date/time to discuss your project in greater detail.

Step 3

Meet for an in-person consultation, where the owner will listen to your vision, provide recommendations when necessary, then take measurements in order to provide you with a quote for the job.  INTREPID Construction LLC understands how important transparency with the customer is during this step.  Therefore, we will not commit to a quote until we have a full grasp of your needs.  If a quote is desired, INTREPID Construction LLC has the following rates for estimates

Step 4

INTREPID Construction LLC builds the estimate for your project.  We pledge to return all estimates back to you in a timely manner commensurate with the complexity of your job, usually within 3 – 5 days.  The fee for all written estimates is 3% of the total project cost.  This fee accounts for the time necessary to develop a detailed and accurate written estimate, any design work needed, as well as travel costs to your home to take measurements.

Step 5

We send our completed estimate back to you for your review.  After you have reviewed our estimate, please call and we will be happy to address any of your questions or concerns.  The estimate fee will be collected at this time.  If you accept our quote, then we will schedule another in person meeting for you to sign a written contractual agreement and schedule when the work will be done.  If changes to the scope of work are required after your review, changes will be made at this time.

Step 6

Conduct a second in-person meeting to sign a contract and agree to the project timeline.  We will also take some follow-up measurements of your project to ensure everything is set. 

Payment Process:  In the contract, there will be a payment schedule outlined which ensures adequate cash flow for timely completion of your project.  Small projects costing $3,500 or less will incur an initial payment for the cost of materials, and full payment at completion.  Larger projects may include 3 or more equal payments over time, depending on project duration and cost.  We understand your project is a major financial investment, and pledge to be transparent in how we bill out your job.  Therefore, your payment schedule will always be in writing.

Project Cost Methodology:

INTREPID Construction is committed to providing a fixed price quote for most projects.  This provides the customer with peace of mind that there will not be any cost overruns, nor surprises with the final cost of the project.  Exceptions where a Time and Materials or Cost Plus methodology may be used are very small jobs under $3500 or jobs which require significant labor to fully access scope of job. (Example:  Extensive termite or structural damage requires exploratory work and extra labor before we can identify scope of repairs needed).

Step 7

Work on project begins.  Intrepid Construction LLC is committed to providing you with an accurate assessment of project duration so there are no surprises and there is limited disruption to your daily life.  We also take great care to ensure a clean, safe, and orderly job site from project start to finish.


If we are working off of a fixed price contract, any change to the project directed by the customer after the project starts will require additional cost through the use of a written change order, before work continues.  This is why it is imperative that you fully communicate your needs and desires to us prior to signing the initial contract.  If any additional work is required due to our oversight, we will gladly absorb the cost.

Step 8

Job completion.  At this time, Intrepid Construction LLC will conduct a thorough walk-thru  with you to ensure you have no questions or concerns.  We will not ask for your final payment until this step is complete.  We stand by all our work with a 2 - year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Step 9

At the 6 month mark after your job is complete, we will conduct a follow-up call to ensure you
remain completely satisfied with the project. We value each and every customer and the relationships which are formed as a result.